Executive Coaching, Recruiting and New Leader Integration 


Burroughs International's past global executive recruiting experience adds significant value to Michael's coaching and onboarding engagements.

A wide representation of executives he has placed in various industries and most functional specialties include:



                Chief Financial Officer

                Chief Capital Officer

                  Chief Medical Officer

                Corporate (Health System) Treasurer

                VP Group Purchasing

                VP Operations

                VP Strategy & Marketing

                Executive Director Clinical Engineering

                Regional Director Information Technology

                Departmental Medical Directors

                Directors of Nursing

                Directors of Surgical Services

                Director of Cardiology Center of Excellence

                Director of Contracting

                Director of Outpatient Pharmacy Benefit Management

                Principal Consultant Clinical Engineering

                Principal Consultant Capital Planning



                Chief Executive Officer

                Chief Operating Officer

                Chief Financial Officer

                SVP Operations

                VP Sales and Marketing
                VP Business Development
General Manager



                EVP Global Operations        

                VP and General Manager (US)

                VP and General Manager (Europe)

                VP Global Supply Chain Management

                VP Global Distribution

                VP Global Quality
VP Engineering and Quality

                VP Product Line Management

                VP and General Counsel
VP Human Resources

                VP General Managers
                VP Sales and Marketing

                General Managers

                Directors of Quality



                  Chief Medical Officers

                Emergency Department Directors

                Emergency Physicians


                Family Practitioners



                Invasive Cardiologists


                General Surgeons


 Life Sciences

                Chief Financial Officer

                SVP Research and Development

                VP Research and Development

                VP Global Marketing

                General Manager (China)

                Manager Product Engineering

                Manager Quality


Contract Services

                Chief Financial Officer

                SVP Operations

                VP Clinic Sales

                Regional VP

                Director of Long-Term Care Sales
                Sales Managers               



                Chief Operating Officer

                EVP Operations and Administration

                VP Development

                VP Major Gifts


Higher Education

                Vice Chancellor for Advancement